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Original Shampoo

Available in 8oz or 32oz w/Pump


Anyone who suffers with stressed or damaged hair or who has special scalp problems will love Melaleuca Original Shampoo This rich, natural shampoo, contains a high concentration of pure T36-C5, Melaleuca Oil guaranteeing the naturally moisturizing and cleansing properties of this essential oil are maximized to deep clean hair while paying special attention to the scalp. Provitamin B and vitamin E moisturize and enhance the smoothness of your hair and scalp, while additional natural ingredients, like wheat germ protein, silk amino acids, and sunflower seed oil, add vitality and luster to leave your hair soft and manageable. Unlike chemical-based medicated shampoos, Melaleuca Original Shampoo is alcohol, fragrance, and dye-free and leaves no lingering odor. Plus, it's gentle and safe enough to be used every day by everyone in the family.

Original Shampoo



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