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Renew Lotion

Available in 8oz or 20oz w/Pump


Clinically Proven Moisturizing Lotion: Heals and Prevents Even the Driest Skin Provides Immediate and Long-Lasting Relief Leaves Skin Softer and Healthier The Only Dry Skin Therapy You'll Ever Need Renew is the clinically proven solution for softer, smoother, healthier skin. Clinical studies show that Renew provides faster, better, and longer-lasting relief from severely dry skin than the leading dermatologist-recommended lotion. Fast-Absorbing, Long-Lasting Relief. Going beyond temporary moisturization, Renew delivers long-lasting relief from dry, rough, or irritated skin and uncomfortable chronic skin conditions. Renew heals, protects, and prevents even the driest skin by helping your skin attract and retain more moisture.

Renew Lotion



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